Fox Li Wei Chan  詹立偉



Fox is mainly responsible for landscape design. As a landscape designer, he uses his solid practice with years’ architecture and landscape backgrounds to add value to an idea and presentation at different angles in the projects. Fox focus on Taiwan's public projects. He is good at preparing the construction plans, construction drawings and coordinating a good communication with contractors as well as other related parties on tasks like plan, elevation, section and image synthesis, visual and layout design.

He also participates in related projects at China's public and private sectors and adopts cross-departmental and other subsidiary companies to carry out and accomplish the tasks.


詹立偉先生主要負責景觀設計工作,作為景觀設計師,他運用建築及景觀背景的紮實訓練,為專案增添不同方向的思考及呈現。詹立偉先生參與台灣公共工程景觀業務為主,從競圖到施工圖繪製,或是與承辦單位的協調溝通、其他合約範圍的工作項目,包含:平面、立面、剖面及影像合成、視覺和版面設計 。